About Del Condominium Rentals Inc.

Del Condominium Rentals, Inc., a Member of The ®Tridel Group, was formed in 1986 in response to the needs of property owners who recognize their investment as a vehicle for financial rewards while opting to invest their own time to pursue other interests. Since then we have been setting the standard in condominium rental management.

Our Rental Management Program was designed to provide the skills and know-how of professional property management whereby we oversee every step of the rental process seamlessly from successful leasing to rent collection on behalf of the owner.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team

Dan Henderson

lpetersil@delrentals.com 416-645-8427

Shanker Narayanan
Director of Operations

snarayanan@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1225

Amanda Yau
Director of Accounting

ayau@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1235

Giuliana Mastrangelo
Customer Service Manager

gmastrangelo@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1009

Georgia Themelis
Executive Assistant to the President

gthemelis@delsuites.com 416-645-8427

Kanan Easwaran
Business Development Executive

keaswaran@delrentals.com 416-579-2138

Lauren Ho
Leasing Representative

lho@delrentals.com 647-233-9471

Jelanie Samson
Customer Service Specialist

jsamson@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 3252

Edwin Sadasivam

esadasivam@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 3234

Connie Chan
Senior Administrator

cchan@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1253

Clara G
Leasing Manager

cgilmour@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 2285

Christina Cardillo
Leasing Representative

ccardillo@delrentals.com 416-558-4939

Arthur Yeung
Customer Service Specialist

ayeung@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1004

Katherine G
Leasing Coordinator

kgorbunova@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 3717

Karen Thompson

info@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1221

Laurie Cellupica
Leasing Representative

lcellupica@delrentals.com 416-558-1871

Linda Law
Senior Property Accountant

llaw@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1236

Mimie Lee
Administration Manager

mlee@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1237

Osa Ralladi
Assistant Home Services Manager

oralladi@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 3232

Rita Lau
Property Accountant

rlau@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 3246

Sean Voisin
Senior Court & Tribunal Agent

svoisin@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1272

Teresita Marcelo

tmarcelo@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1228

Zee Jeremic
Digital Marketing Specialist

zjeremic@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1288

Latoya McKenzie
Home Service Coordinator

lmckenzie@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1223

Mari Steel
Home Services Administrator

msteel@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1229

Genesis Eusuya
Home Services Administrator

gesuya@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1243

Elizabeth Murano
Leasing Representative

emurano@delrentals.com 647-542-3177

Adriana Sorichetti
Office Administrator

asorichetti@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1274

Stefania LN
Sales Coordinator

SLaNeve@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1269

Jade Tsamanis
Leasing Coordinator

JTsamanis@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 3760

Mathew Givalas
Onsite Administrator

mgivalas@delrentals.com 647-548-6840

Rockuel Phillip
Onsite Administrator

rphillip@delrentals.com 416-558-8509

Shannon Mitchell
Leasing Representative

smitchell@delrentals.com 416-558-4939

Nicholas Thomas
Software Development Specialist

nthomas@delrentals.com 416-296-7368

Oleksa Cummings
Onsite Administrator

ocummings@delrentals.com 416-558-4003

Roman Novak
Quality Assurance Specialist

rnovak@delrentals.com 647-394-5075

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