Executive Team

Meet the DelRentals Executive Team, a group of seasoned professionals dedicated to excellence in the real estate industry. With a focus on aligning the goals of our key stakeholders—homeowners, tenants, the community, and investors—we consistently deliver exceptional results. Our commitment extends beyond transactions; we prioritize fostering a culture of mentorship and continuous professional growth among our employees and associates. This approach not only attracts top-tier talent but also ensures a high standard of expertise in promoting our brand and services.


At DelRentals, our Executive Team is committed to driving success while nurturing a supportive and dynamic environment for all.


Dan H

lpetersil@delrentals.com 416-645-8427

Amanda Yau
Director of Accounting

ayau@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 1235

Tanya Williams
Director of Leasing & Business Development

twilliams@delrentals.com 416-296-7368 2010

Andrew Muddiman
Director of Operations

AMuddiman@Delrentals.com 416-296-7368 2005

Samir Ouhsine
Sr. Director of Finance & Corporate Reporting

souhsine@delsuites.com 416-296-8838 1014

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