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The Well Condo being built with cranes

Construction Update

We're thrilled to share the latest progress at The Well, a dynamic development that continues to take shape and redefine Toronto's landscape. Here's a glimpse into the exciting updates:

Residential Sector

In Classic I, the journey towards completion is reaching its final stages. With the construction hoist now removed, the installation of final windows is well underway. We’re thrilled to welcome the first residents of Classic I as occupancy has just started!

Meanwhile, in Classic II, preparations are in full swing for the upcoming occupancies starting in August 2023. Suite finishing is progressing beautifully, with the installation of kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile, and wood flooring.

Over at the Signature Tower, significant strides are being made in the construction process. Drywall installation is well underway, setting the stage for the commencement of kitchen cabinet installations in June.

Commercial Space

The commercial spaces at The Well are abuzz with activity. Many retail spaces have been handed over for fit-out, with the first tenant, a BMO branch, already open. This exciting addition is just the beginning, as more retail tenants are expected to join the vibrant mix in the coming months. The diversity and quality of the retail offerings are sure to elevate the experience of residents and visitors alike.

The completion of landscaping and planting on Wellington Street and the North Plaza has transformed these areas into welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environments. Ongoing work on Front Street will further enhance the overall streetscape, creating an inviting atmosphere for pedestrians.

With every passing day, The Well is inching closer to its grand vision. Anticipation is building as the development remains on track for substantial completion by the end of August. We can't wait to witness the realization of this extraordinary destination that will shape the future of Toronto.

The Well Retail Entrance Construction
The Well Retail Construction
The Well Retail Construction

Construction Timelapse

Watch The Well come to life in this timelapse video.

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