Tenant Referral Program Terms & Conditions

1. The referrer must be the existing tenant of Del Condominium Rentals. To qualify for a referral, individual forms must be completed for each qualified referral.

2. No Split or Multiple Referral Fees: No split referral fees will be paid. In no event will Del Condominium Rentals be bound to pay more than one referral fee in connection with the Lease agreement of a specific unit.

3. There can be no exceptions to these terms and conditions and no verbal, text or email registrations will be accepted.

4. Upon signing this form you acknowledge receipt of, and acceptance of, the terms and conditions outlined in the Referral Program Policy in effect as of the date of signature of this form.

5. Del Condominium Rentals will handle all aspects of the Lease Agreement administration.

6. This program is not valid for self-referrals.

7. To be eligible for the Referral Program the Referring Customer must refer to Del Condominium Rentals a Referred Contact who is not an existing customer of Del Condominium Rentals or is currently in negotiations with Del Condominium Rentals about becoming a customer.

8. A referral will be considered successful when a Referred Contact signs the Del Condominium Rentals Lease agreement, and a tenant is successfully moved into the unit.

9. For a referral to be successful it must be made via the Del Condominium Rentals Referral Program page on delrentals.com.

10. Del Condominium Rentals reserves the right to suspend the referral program at any time and reserves the right to cancel, change or suspend the Program at any time without prior notice in its entirety or for a specific referrer at any time for any reason. The terms and conditions of the Policy in effect on the date the referral form given will apply.

11. All questions or disputes about eligibility for the Referral Program will be resolved by Del Condominium Rentals in its sole discretion.

12. Referral is not valid after the rental application and/or contracts are sent.

13. If the Referred customer renews the contract for a second year, the Referrer will receive no further Referral Fee.

14. Payment Conditions. Del Condominium Rentals will pay the Referrer once the qualification of the referral is met.

15. If you receive a referral payment, you (as a Participant) handle all applicable taxes and fees resulting from it. By taking part in the Program, you release Del Condominium Rentals and their agents from all liability, including, without limitation, with respect to the referral.

16. Account will be rebated once 30 days have passed from referred Tenant's lease start date.