Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ


  • What is required to obtain a suite?
  • What is the Application Process?
  • Are utilities included with the rent?
  • What Is Condominium Registration?
  • Do you offer Pre-Authorized Payments for the rent?
  • I’m approved! What next before I move in?
  • Do I have to have tenant insurance?
  • How do I book an elevator?
  • Do you offer furnished rentals?
  • When do I get the keys to my new home?
  • What is a Registration form?
  • Can I hang pictures or personalize my new home?
  • Is my FOB/Remote active on my move-in date?
  • What is the process for finding a suite?
  • How long is the lease term, are short term rentals available?
  • Do I deal with the owner after I move in?
  • Whom should sign and fill the tenant insurance application form?
  • What happens if I would like to end my lease?
  • What happens if I would like to end my lease early?